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Re: Difficulties to plot the results

From: Michel
Subject: Re: Difficulties to plot the results
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2018 01:58:40 -0500 (CDT)


>    Octave has problems plotting the results.

Plotting works well, though it is fair to say the documentation is not
of the best.

> Only 1/4 processor works with Octave.

If you have a CPU with 4 processors Octave will only use 1 of them
hence it will appear to use "only 1/4 processor'. Is this your

*My problem is that octave misuses the PC resources. 1 processor activity is
at a plateau at 25% while the other ones are about few %.*

> So, we can understand  that Octave is slow

No. If used correctly it is not slow. As with any interpretive
language avoid loops wherever possible. The Octave language is very
powerful and gives many opportunities to avoid loops.

> and plotting is difficult.

Yes, plotting is difficult generally because there are so many types
of plot and options for each type.
*In fact, they are many points to plot around 1e6 points.*

>    Idea to improve?

Please be more precise about the problems you are experiencing.
*I don't remember exactly but it seems to me that during the installation,
there was a message about java and the consequences on Octave's

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