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Wants feedback for my GSoC proposal as well as mentor for Command Line S

From: Dildar Sk
Subject: Wants feedback for my GSoC proposal as well as mentor for Command Line Suggestion Feature.
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2018 07:38:00 -0700 (MST)

Hello Octave community,
I want to discuss my idea reagrding command line suggestion feature project
I am going to use trie and hash data structure for checking presence of a
keyword.I will try my best to keep the
hash constant time complex i.e O(1).
I will also use maximum error distance for giving recommendations.
MATLAB has: suggestion(did you mean? '     ') when user types a spelling
2.Giving a pop-up for auto-completition and one can scroll that and choose
Octave use readline library but it has no such pop-up facility.

But Octave has none of the above two features.
I will try to implement both of them in this feature,actually it will be
like more or less
to make it more look like MATLAB.Later,I will also use machine learning on
it for giving
In this short scope I can't discuss all details neither it secure.And one
more thing,this project
has no mentor yet.If anyone wants to discuss about this project and it's
implementation in depth
please don't hesitate to mail me from this mailing list.I have already
drafted my idea.\
My IRC nick is hodor123456.

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