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print with ampersand (&) in path or name

From: Gregory White
Subject: print with ampersand (&) in path or name
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 18:55:22 +0000

>> version

ans = 4.2.2


The "&" symbol is valid in Windows (w7_64) for filenames or paths. It seems to cause a crash with the print command:


plot(0:1,0:1),print("C:/test.eps",'-depsc')     %Octave does not crash/close

plot(0:1,0:1),print("C:/V&V/test.eps",'-depsc') % Octave does crash/close

plot(0:1,0:1),print("C:/V&Vtest.eps",'-depsc')  % Octave does crash /close


It doesn't seem to tolerate the "&" symbol in the filename or the path. I did some looking to see if an escape was needed for &, but did not find anything.


This works fine, btw:



Am I doing something wrong? I looked into escapes, or whatever needed, for the & symbol, but couldn’t find any reference.


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