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Re: io-2.4.9 released

From: Marius Schamschula
Subject: Re: io-2.4.9 released
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2018 08:36:00 -0600

On Jan 9, 2018, at 7:56 AM, avlas <address@hidden> wrote:

El dimarts, 9 de gener de 2018, a les 6:54:34 EST, Marius Schamschula va escriure:

On Jan 9, 2018, at 5:05 AM, avlas <address@hidden> wrote:

El dissabte, 6 de gener de 2018, a les 15:47:06 EST, Philip Nienhuis va escriure:

A new release (2.4.9) of the octave-forge io package has just been
uploaded [1]. It's a mere bug fix release that a.o., should allow io to
be also compatible with the current development branch of core Octave.
See the NEWS for the changes [2].

Just after Olaf made the release I pushed a cset for csv2cell()
implementing some changes mentioned here:
However that part of the code has seen just half an hour of testing so
it had better wait for a future 2.4.10 release anyway. Additional
testing "in the field" is very welcome... [3]



When "mkoctfiling" it separately note that the two OV_ISNUMERIC macros
in L.252-253 should be changed into "is_numeric_type" for Octave-4.2.x
and "isnumeric" for 4.3.0+

I got an error in Octave 4.2.1:

pkg update
configure: error: pg_config not found
checking for mkoctfile... /usr/bin/mkoctfile
checking for octave-config... /usr/bin/octave-config
checking for pg_config... no

pkg: error running the configure script for io.
error: called from
  configure_make at line 78 column 9
  install at line 194 column 7
  pkg at line 394 column 9
  pkg at line 552 column 11


 It seems that io now requires a version of postgresql to be installed. I have updated the MacPorts package accordingly.

 Marius Schamschula

What about Linux? I use an Ubuntu derivative and there are many postgresql packages, wondering which one I should install to be able to update io


AFIK versions of postgresql provide pg_config. Choose a current version, e.g. 9.6 or 10.1.

Marius Schamschula

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