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Re: Matlab to Octave - problem wih the conversion

From: Sebastian Schöps
Subject: Re: Matlab to Octave - problem wih the conversion
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 04:35:34 -0700 (PDT)

Juan Pablo Carbajal-2 wrote
> It seems the file you are using belongs to Mathworks and I am not sure
> you are allowed to use it in Octave. Could you check the Terms of Use?
> last time we checked their files are to be used only with Mathworks
> products.

just to understand this well: you say that Mathworks has rights on this code
because it was automatically generated? (I know that analogies are dangerous
but if I apply an image filter in photoshop Adobe does not acquire right on
my image?). However, let's suposse this is the case, then one might not be
allowed to distribute the code freely but why can't someone run it with
Octave? I may run proprietary m-files with octave.  

@Istan: in either case, you may want to create a minimal (free) working
example of your problem and then we can see what we can do...


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