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Re: Matlab to Octave - problem wih the conversion

From: Juan Pablo Carbajal
Subject: Re: Matlab to Octave - problem wih the conversion
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 16:09:15 +0200

On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 3:10 PM, Sebastian Schöps <address@hidden> wrote:
> Juan Pablo Carbajal-2 wrote
>> The Terms of Use of the "Matlab file central", which a place to
>> "share" the code, says in section 2.iii
>> (
>> "Content that you submit must not directly compete with products
>> offered by MathWorks. Content submitted to File Exchange may only be
>> used with MathWorks products."
>> I would [not] be surprised to read something similar in the terms of use
>> (or
>> the user agreement) in the Matlab product or the function used to
>> generate the relevant code. Please do check and make no assumptions
>> about the rights you have on the code.
> Please don't make the situation of proprietary software worse than it is by
> assuming what Mathworks might or might not allow. The Matlab license
> agreement says in it's addendum:
I am not making assumptions, this exactly why I suggest to read the license.
I do not know from where the user got the file. Most of them get it
form Central, so I think my comment is relevant and I am not making
anything worse.
Also the text below doesn't apply to the files generated by matlab
programs, but to user created files, which wasn't the case here.

> "2. USER CREATED FILES.  This Addendum does not apply to MATLAB code files,
> Simulink model files, MEX-files, MAT-files, VHDL-files, Verilog-files,
> FIG-files and P-files that are created by Licensee and that do not include
> any
> code obtained from MATLAB code files, Simulink model files, MAT-files,
> P-code,
> C/C++ files, VHDL-files, Verilog-files, TLC-files, or other Source Code
> files
> supplied with the Programs ("User Files").  Licensee may distribute or
> sublicense without restriction, User Files provided that a principal purpose
> of
> the distribution or sublicense is not to replace or replicate a Program or
> any
> part of a Program."
> see
> I am not a lawyer but that sounds quite relaxed to me.
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