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Re: Matlab to Octave - problem wih the conversion

From: Sebastian Schöps
Subject: Re: Matlab to Octave - problem wih the conversion
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 06:10:45 -0700 (PDT)

Juan Pablo Carbajal-2 wrote
> The Terms of Use of the "Matlab file central", which a place to
> "share" the code, says in section 2.iii
> (
> "Content that you submit must not directly compete with products
> offered by MathWorks. Content submitted to File Exchange may only be
> used with MathWorks products."
> I would [not] be surprised to read something similar in the terms of use
> (or
> the user agreement) in the Matlab product or the function used to
> generate the relevant code. Please do check and make no assumptions
> about the rights you have on the code.

Please don't make the situation of proprietary software worse than it is by
assuming what Mathworks might or might not allow. The Matlab license
agreement says in it's addendum: 

"2. USER CREATED FILES.  This Addendum does not apply to MATLAB code files,
Simulink model files, MEX-files, MAT-files, VHDL-files, Verilog-files,
FIG-files and P-files that are created by Licensee and that do not include
code obtained from MATLAB code files, Simulink model files, MAT-files,
C/C++ files, VHDL-files, Verilog-files, TLC-files, or other Source Code
supplied with the Programs ("User Files").  Licensee may distribute or
sublicense without restriction, User Files provided that a principal purpose
the distribution or sublicense is not to replace or replicate a Program or
part of a Program."


I am not a lawyer but that sounds quite relaxed to me.

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