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Re: Stress mark in a graph

From: Fausto Arinos de A. Barbuto
Subject: Re: Stress mark in a graph
Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 17:15:36 -0300
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On 09-05-2015 15:07, Leticia Peña wrote:
Hi there,

I can't manage to add stress marks in legends/titles/labels in graphs.

For instance, I would like to title a graph as:
but I can only get
as result :(

Could anyone help me? I need these graphs for my final dissertation and I am 
Spanish, so I do
need legends/titles/labels in graphs to be written correctly...
I would highly appreciate your help.

I would suggest you to write the titles/labels in a text editor that accepts 
diacritics such
as 'ó', 'ñ', etc (e.g., gedit, kate, notepad) and then cut those titles/labels 
and paste them
into the Octave commands you want them to appear.  I did that here and it 
worked (Brazilian
ABNT2 keyboard, Ubuntu 14.04-64, Octave 3.8.1).

Good luck,


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