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Re: Stress mark in a graph

From: Freddy Omar López Quintero
Subject: Re: Stress mark in a graph
Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 12:45:40 -0300

Your answer works in the figure that appears after I run the script, but not in the .png that is saved automatically in my computer by print(nombre_grafica, "-color", "-dpng"). Instead of 'ó', a strange symbol appears in the title. I have tried to save it manually, but it isn't still working. Even not if I save it in other format (I've tried with .jpg and .gif).

I'm using LinuxMint and Octave 3.8.

​Thanks for your answer.

I've tried changing the plotting program and I had the same problem as you:

set(gca, "title", text("string", "Señora de España"))
print -dpng test.png

set(gca, "title", text("string", "Señora de España"))
print -dpng test2.png

​However, when I save with

print -dsvg test3.svg

​I get an useful plot (I mean, with correct character set displayed) that I export from svg to png using inkscape (I suppose this is a terrible solution but I works meantime).

Also, is possible to utilize the windows menu if you use gnuplot_qt ('export to image') when you use the octave GUI.

I hope that something can be useful.

«No soy aquellas sombras tutelares
que honré con versos que no olvida el tiempo.»

JL Borges

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