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Re: "odswrite: zip I/O error" when in different directory?

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: "odswrite: zip I/O error" when in different directory?
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 18:26:41 +0200
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Peter P. wrote:
* Philip Nienhuis <address@hidden> [2014-07-13 06:05]:
Peter P. wrote
Dear list,

I am having problems writing to an .ods spreadsheet file which is not
in the current working directory:

     retVal=odswrite("../someDir/someFile.ods", someArray, 1, "A1:Z31",

gives the following error message:

     zip I/O error: No such file or directory
     zip error: Could not create output file (../someDir/someFile.ods)

Interestingly the return value (retVal) is "1", which would indicate
success. However, there is nothing written to this file.

The whole thing works while being in the same directory as the file to
write to. Could it be that the folder path is not correctly passed to
zip (I seem to recall that .ods files might in fact be zipped .xml files).

Other ods-related functions (odsread, odsfinfo, can access the file in

Please note that I am using octave 3.8.1 on Debian, with package
octave-io 2.2.2-1 and without octave-java installed. I understand that
the "OCT" way of writing files does not require java.

I can still manually cd to the respective directory and call odswrite
as workaround, just curious if I am doing something wrong.

Currently I'm working on an issue with zipping up .ods files when using the
OCT interface. Big chance it's related to the one you hit (maybe even the
Could you please file a bug report (with "[OF]" in the title)?

Did you try any of the other (Java-based) interfaces? If so, do they work


Thanks for your reply! How exciting that I might have discovered some
bug, thus contributing to the development of octave.
I am not using any java-based interface, in fact none of them are
available on my system (according to 'pkg list'). I was actually
wondering how to get them installed on Debian. The "octave-java"
package would force me to downgrade octave (currently "testing") and
some other packages, so I have avoided doing so. Can anyone confirm
that this would be the correct way of installing at all?
Philip, I'd happily file a bug report. Would you want me to do so for
the Debian package or on savannah?



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