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RE: Cygwin Command Line Strangeness

From: Damian Harty
Subject: RE: Cygwin Command Line Strangeness
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 22:47:54 +0000

> have you looked where was created the file ?

Yes. It's some arbitrary place. Like it is on my machine. The point is that 
it's "here" - where the command is run. I know it's "here" because the echo 
command to create the file is run immediately prior to the call to Octave. So 
where it is doesn't actually matter. It's a short path, too - not off the end 
of some 128 character limit.

> probably the HOME or PATH is not defined as you think.

This doesn't strike me as a path thing. I tried "octave.exe ./test_me" to be 
sure anyway, no change.

My machine has $HOME (in the Cygwin sense) set to the same place as a windows 
shell prompt starts. Which, by the way, is the same place Octave looks on his 
machine for the file. Which *isn't* where we are.

The question for me is why does octave look somewhere other than "here" for the 
file? Why, when Octave is invoked, does it look "somewhere else" for a command 
file it's asked to execute?

I've never known any operating system do this, and I've been around the block a 
bit. I'm feeling stumped and I'm sure it's annoyingly trivial!

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