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Re: [newbie] advice for using LaTeX-code in Octave graphs

From: Pantxo Diribarne
Subject: Re: [newbie] advice for using LaTeX-code in Octave graphs
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 19:04:37 +0200
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I also use pgfplots but with a different approach than matlab2tikz which embeds all the data in the main .tex file. The attached scripts translate octave figures to pgfplots but data and images are written to separate files.
The advantages are:
 -  .tex file is lighter and easier to modify, for final fine tuning.
 - figure data can be reused or reloaded in octave

The cons are:
 - there are much less supported plot types than in matlab2tikz.
- so far the functions have been tested by me and one colleague so it may be very buggy

There are 2 demos in pgfit.m :

>>demo pgfit



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