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Re: mfilename work around

From: Benjamin Lindner
Subject: Re: mfilename work around
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 07:58:54 +0200

> I'm not even sure if Cygwin is getting timely updates on Octave (seems
> everyone using Cygwin is using Octave 2.1.73 which is about to be
> declared officially obsolete), but both Ubuntu and Debian are getting
> these updates.

Woha, Hey, are you using cygwin and octave/cygwin ?
If not, then stop complaining about it. Name one good reason NOT to use
the 2.1.73 binary that comes packaged? (except speed - this one's granted)
It works - that's it.
Cygwin support in 2.9.10 is not excellent, so using it requires in-depth
additional effort - not everyone has time to do it.
No 2.9.x version is as fast as the 2.1.73 version. Even the 2.9.9+ win32 
binary lags behind the 2.1.73 cygwin gcc-3.2 version 
Yes 2.9.x has more features integrated into octave core, but that does not
disqualify the 2.1.73, eh?

Back to the original question:
If mfilename is not in the octave-forge package in cygwin, then
grab its source code and compile yourself using mkoctfile.
It's as simple as that and this works fine for me.

I also cannot reproduce your original problem,
 function test
 disp(sprintf("in function: %s", mfilename() ) );

works as expected using octave-2.1.73/cygwin


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