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RE: QtOctave for windows and questions

From: Chris.Fouts
Subject: RE: QtOctave for windows and questions
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 14:21:35 +0100

>On 14-Mar-2007, Michael Grossbach wrote:
>| I meant I modified the path to the octave.exe in the .bat 
>file. And no, not cygwin but I use the octave-forge installer.
>Isn't that version really just a standalone minimal Cygwin 
>installation that includes Octave (even if it doesn't appear 
>to be "Cygwin")?

I was thinking along the same lines, but when I point the 
octave.bat file to my .../cygwin/.../octave.exe, I still get
the same "Can't start octave blah, blah,.." error..

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