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RE: QtOctave for windows and questions

From: Chris.Fouts
Subject: RE: QtOctave for windows and questions
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 21:42:46 +0100

>> I d/l'd and tried this, and got the error "If octave does not start, 
>> set the octave path in the octave.bat file"
>> I did (in "c:\programs\cygwin\...\octave.exe"
>> and still get the error...
>> does this run with a cygwin installation of octave? It 
>should correct, 
>> since it's just another windows exec...
>I did the same with the 2.1.73-1 source-forge version for 
>Windows and it runs ok. But what's the use of a GUI to Octave anyway?

I'm just playing around. What do you mean by "I did the same...". Do you
have a cygwin/octave install also, and it ran for you after you modified
the octave.bat file?


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