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Re: how to increase line width?

From: John B. Thoo
Subject: Re: how to increase line width?
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 20:50:48 -0800

Hi, Claudio.  Thanks for your suggestions.  However, I find that

octave:1> toggle_grace_use
error: `toggle_grace_use' undefined near line 1 column 1

I also find that

octave:1> x = linspace (0, 10, 101) ' ;
octave:2> plot (sin (x))
octave:3> hold on
octave:4> plot (cos (x))
octave:5> __gnuplot_raw__ ('replot ''''notitle with lines lw 4\n')
error: `__gnuplot_raw__' undefined near line 5 column 1

I think that I have to upgrade Octave to a later version as Joe had recommended.


On Jan 31, 2006, at 3:46 AM, Claudio Belotti wrote:

John B. Thoo ha scritto:
Hello.  To piggy back on this thread, I would like to plot

hold on
plot (x, x.^2, "-r")
plot (x, 0.75 * ((2 .* x).^2).^(1 / 3) + 0.5, "-k")

with a heavier line width for the second graph only. How do I do this?
 It wasn't clear to me from the description below.

my choice would be to set
before plotting and then edit the plot from grace,

You can also do
x = linspace(0,10,101) ' ;
hold on
__gnuplot_raw__ ('replot ''''notitle with lines lw 4\n')

although I don't really understand the ''''

see also:


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