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Re: MATLAB / Octave compatibility

From: Bill Denney
Subject: Re: MATLAB / Octave compatibility
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 06:46:51 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006, Etienne Grossmann wrote:

Quentin, I can add a class B IP, so that, as long as you connect to the
wiki thru the same provider, it should be ok.

Bill, I've added a class B IP for you, could you check out that you
can edit?

Thanks for the help. I'm not sure what IP you used for me. I just got the message "Editing not allowed for / user, ip, or network is blocked."

 I agree entirely that a wiki w/ a login would be better. But I don't
see, how new users could do w/out sending a mail to at least one
current wiki maintainer.

Could it be made so that new users (who register automatically through the website) are allowed onto help pages that may be blanked from time to time (probably generally to categorize the content onto other pages)?

Also, I noticed that you had NOFOLLOW setup on all the pages. With this, I also think that the system is diminished because if I understand correctly, google will not really index the site. Perhaps an addition to the above suggestion would be to have nofollow on the world(ish) editable pages all add nofollow while other pages could be indexable.

Finally, there should be all kinds of rate limiters possible to limit the number of comments per hour and per day per IP address. That by itself would protect from everything but bot nets.

My thoughts are: how does wikipedia handle such things. They allow bots, but they don't seem to have a major problem with large scale vandalization.


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