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Re: MATLAB / Octave compatibility

From: Steve C. Thompson
Subject: Re: MATLAB / Octave compatibility
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 18:09:52 -0800
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Hi Bill,

The wiki allows for distributed maintenance.  You can edit the
site by sending an email to address@hidden
Below is the message I sent...

  | To: address@hidden
  | Subject: Octave Wiki
  | Hi, 
  | Please unblock me.  Below is what has displayed
  | in my browser:
  | Editing not allowed for /
  | user, ip, or network is blocked.
  | Thanks in advance.

Please do the same so you can edit the page.

Concerning &, &&, | and ||, you are probably right.  The items:

  * For a logical-and, Octave can use `&' or `&&';
    Matlab requires `&'.


  * For a logical-or, Octave can use `|' or `||';
    Matlab requires `|'.

were suggested to me from another user and I included them
assuming they were true.

Now, I don't intend to edit the wiki with things that I'm not
100% sure about; so please, asked to be unblocked and add your


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