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imagesc doesn't work

From: Martin Seebach
Subject: imagesc doesn't work
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 14:10:58 +0100


I'm just now looking into Octave because running Matlab remotely on my
university's servers is sucking the life out of my soul ever so slowly.

I can't really get started. I need to plot some data using imagesc
(which I assume works like the function with the same name in Matlab),
but I get an error:
octave:1> A=rand(4,3)
A =

  0.715039  0.489200  0.658305
  0.700871  0.753289  0.048180
  0.574761  0.603497  0.972616
  0.114553  0.226308  0.111039

octave:2> imagesc(A);
warning: in fopen near line 197, column 11:
warning: fopen: default open mode is now binary

and nothing happens.

octave:3> version
ans = 2.1.71

I installed the packages octave2.1, octave-forge and octave2.1-emacsen
in Ubuntu 5.10.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Martin Seebach

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