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SIFT image descriptor patch

From: Etienne Grossmann
Subject: SIFT image descriptor patch
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 11:32:33 -0500
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  Hi All,

this patch could be of interest to octave users who do image
processing.  You can apply it to the matlab code in siftDemoV4 [1] to
allow octave to extract SIFT image features [2] with David Lowe's

  The SIFT image detector identifies interest points, somewhat like a
corner detector does, and gives them a local descriptor. The
descriptor can then be used for matching purposes (another way to
perform matching could be correlation of a small window around the
feature). Wrt to corners + local window correlation, SIFT features are
more robust to changes in illumination and viewpoint [3] and they are
increasingly used in computer vision.

  The siftDemo has functions to find sift features and to perform
matching. I've tested the patch under octave+linux, matlab+linux (it
works) and octave+win (it fails, probs w/ imagemagick + double).





    cd siftDemoV4; 
    patch -p1 < mySift.patch
    In octave, make sure sift.m is in your path, then

    >> [image, descriptors, locs] = 
   >> showkeys(image, locs)

   See also 'help match'


  David G. Lowe, Öbject recognition from local scale-invariant
  features," International Conference on Computer Vision, Corfu,
  Greece (September 1999), pp. 1150-1157.

[3] A performance evaluation of local descriptors Krystian
    Mikolajczyk, Cordelia Schmid International Conference on Computer
    Vision & Pattern Recognition - June 2003

Etienne Grossmann ------

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