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Re: 2.1.64 compilation flags under mac os X

From: Samir Sharshar
Subject: Re: 2.1.64 compilation flags under mac os X
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 09:51:24 +0100

Hi all,

Le 23 déc. 04, à 22:33, Joe Koski a écrit :

on 12/23/04 1:32 PM, Samir Sharshar at address@hidden wrote:


Congratulations on your success. I'm sure it took some time to get all those
options to work properly.

Yes... although I'm a regularly octave user, I'm not familiar with C, C++ and compilation tricks... So, congratulations to all guys of the list whose help me...

Even the GNU Fortran manual cautions about the careful use of the -O5
option. Please tell us if you see any problems with the highly optimized gcc or g77 routines. Such problems may suddenly appear in routines that are not
often used. Have you run a "make test" on the final compilation?

The routines I use call to fft, pca and some statistical routines... (I'm working on biomedical signals). These routines are also used on some Intel and AMD machines based on Linux... I could compare the results in this manner. I've posted a few days ago, some results of PCA computations that differ from a couple Machine/OS to another...

Also, have you been able to build octave-forge the same way?

Yes. I take the last octave-forge.tar.gz from sourceforge and compile the tarball with the same flags without any problem.

Thanks for your time and efforts. Mac users will be able to put them to good

It seems to me that G4/G5 processors are helped a lot with the altivec routines... In fact, as underlined by Per, octave compilation on mac os X do not "really" enable autovectorization yet. So, perfs (as I could judge) are equal to a PIV 3.2 GHz with the flags I've setted. Perharps in incoming gcc versions, fine tuning will be possible...

But, as a fan linux user, I think Mac OSX is a great OS ;-)

Happy holidays.

You too.



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