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Re: 2.1.64 compilation flags under mac os X

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Re: 2.1.64 compilation flags under mac os X
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 14:33:59 -0700
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on 12/23/04 1:32 PM, Samir Sharshar at address@hidden wrote:

> gcc flags:
> -O3 -mcpu=G5 -mtune=G5 -mpowerpc64 -mpowerpc-gpopt -funroll-loops
> -faltivec
> g77 flags;
> -O5 -funroll-loops
> libfftw3 compile and install before compile octave with the same gcc
> and g77 flags

Congratulations on your success. I'm sure it took some time to get all those
options to work properly.

Even the GNU Fortran manual cautions about the careful use of the -O5
option. Please tell us if you see any problems with the highly optimized gcc
or g77 routines. Such problems may suddenly appear in routines that are not
often used. Have you run a "make test" on the final compilation?

Also, have you been able to build octave-forge the same way?

Thanks for your time and efforts. Mac users will be able to put them to good

Happy holidays.


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