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sqrt function, NaN and complex number

From: Samir Sharshar
Subject: sqrt function, NaN and complex number
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 19:00:19 +0100


I'm currently use an octave version 2.1.57 on a Mac OSX 10.3.6 and a 2.1.64 compiled from sources on a mandrake 10.1.

I've a couple of functions which return a matrix M of complex numbers with NaN in it. Display the content of M give NaN + (or -) NaNi in case of NaN. I need to calculate the square root of M. On 2.1.57, sqrt function works perfectly and returns NaN + (or -) NaNi in case of NaN. But on 2.1.64 octave hangs without error or returning to prompt.

Any idea ?


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