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Re: synchronization of octave with gnuplot?

From: Thorsten Meyer
Subject: Re: synchronization of octave with gnuplot?
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 21:11:29 +0100
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Dear Mike,

Mike Miller wrote:

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Thorsten Meyer wrote:

in an octave script I generate several gnuplot plots, export them to postscript and do some postprocessing on the resulting eps files with a awk script that is started via system statements from octave. Now it seems that octave does not wait for gnuplot to finish the individual plots. So at some point in the octave script, octave starts the awk postprocessor on an eps file that has not been generated yet. My workaround has been sleep statements between the plotting and the postprocessing commands in the script. However, depending on the number and complexity of the plots it can take up to several seconds for gnuplot to catch up. Obviously, I would not like to add "sleep(10)" to all my plot sequences just to make sure.

My question: is there a way to actively synchronize octave with gnuplot, i.e. force octave to wait until gnuplot has finished a particular plot command?

When you write "octave starts the awk postprocessor on an eps file that has not been generated yet" do you mean that the file does not exist or that the file is not fully generated?

Both cases happen.

It is possible to put an 'if' statement in your script to have it either "sleep(1)" or execute the awk code depending on the existence of a file or the existence of an ending element in a file tail.


You are right. I could have octave wait for the existence of the file. But as soon as it exists, I would have to keep parsing it in a loop in order to see if it is complete.

Thorsten Meyer

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