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Re: Parallel Octave possibilities?

From: Javier Fernández Baldomero
Subject: Re: Parallel Octave possibilities?
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 09:12:00 +0200

"E. Joshua Rigler" wrote:
> 1a) What exactly is the "--with-MPI" option in Octave's configure script
> for?  Is this an evolved version of Octave-MPI (by Alex Verstak)?  Is
> there an extant web page or some other documentation for this (I could
> only find this currently non-responding link

Hi Joshua,

I found this thread related to the --with-mpi switch

Well, J.W.Eaton was planning to call it just "--mpi".
I think it's more related to Andy's patches than to Alex' bindings.
It seems that it was designed to make some initialization stuff.
I have been trying to read the "configure" script... apparently,
it only checks that it can link a sample MPI_Init program
(and can include the header mpi.h). 

Others will hopefully give a better explanation :-)

> 2) How does this compare with Javier Fernández Baldomero's MPI tool box
> (MPITB) fo Octave (  Are they even
> mutually exclusive?

I used --enable-shared --enable-dl --enable-lite-kernel.
If I understood the configure script I could tell if there
might be any incompatibilities among --with-mpi and MPITB.
Apparently, it only checks that it can include mpi.h and compile
with -lmpi. If that's true, there can't be any incompatibility.
That is, you can configure --with-mpi and either use MPITB or not.

I must obviously be missing something. Either that, or the
--with-mpi switch was the first step to support some functionality
that wasn't added later.


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