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Parallel Octave possibilities?

From: E. Joshua Rigler
Subject: Parallel Octave possibilities?
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 16:09:35 -0600

I will soon have access to a 16 node, 32-processor cluster (Linux
AMD64), and am hoping to experiment a little with Octave in parallel.  I
have a few quick questions whose answers I couldn't find in my own email
list archives (the search engine seems to be down):

1a) What exactly is the "--with-MPI" option in Octave's configure script
for?  Is this an evolved version of Octave-MPI (by Alex Verstak)?  Is
there an extant web page or some other documentation for this (I could
only find this currently non-responding link  

1b) I seem to have the LAM MPI libraries on my system, but Octave's
configure gets a bunch of "undefined references" when it tests "-lmpi". 
The libraries are version 6.5.9 (default on Redhat Enterprise 3).  Are
these just too old, or do I need other MPI libs?

2) How does this compare with Javier Fernández Baldomero's MPI tool box
(MPITB) fo Octave (  Are they even
mutually exclusive?

3) I assume both of these are designed for passing information amongst
clustered Octave instances.  Has anyone actually had luck linking Octave
to a PBLAS and/or ScaLAPACK to simply get scalable linear algebra

Other than a little experience compiling mutli-threaded ATLAS libraries
and linking them with Octave, I'm am pretty much a novice here, so any
feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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