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Re: countourc function

From: Victor Munoz
Subject: Re: countourc function
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 08:29:13 +0900
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> Does anybody know of a counturc compatible function available under the 
> GPL ?. I would settle for something close which can be easily adapted.
> This function should take a matrix and an isoline value as input and 
> return a list of vertexes for the isoline(contour) corresponding to the 
> isovalue.
> I have looked in the contour implementation in several GPL'd programs 
> such as epstk and euler, but the do not consider the isoline in it's 
> entirety, rather they plot each little segment of  the line independently.

 Hello. Maybe PLPlot?
  I've been playing with this problem for a while. I've never felt
comfortable with the fact that contours are calculated by gnuplot, instead
of octave calculating them and then passing gnuplot only the lines to draw.
I usually need to modify contour plots, adding lines, reusing lines in
certain ways, etc., and that's hard if gnuplot treats them like a type of 3d
plots (or at least that's how I remember the problem),  and if I don't have
the data myself available as a matrix in octave for further manipulation. 

  For a couple of years I used a contour routine called conrec, which I
downloaded from,
but they also plot little segments. Enough for me, but now I need whole
lines, so I had to go back to the problem. I chose PLPlot, and currently I'm
working on extracting the relevant lines of code to build a contour routine
to use with octave, a la contourc. This only started a couple of days ago, so
I haven't made much progress, but that's the idea.


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