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[Attn: patch] Re: Load a file with name specified by a string?

From: David Bateman
Subject: [Attn: patch] Re: Load a file with name specified by a string?
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:48:12 +0200
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According to Eacheon <address@hidden> (on 04/28/04):
> Ok, I find in this list that
> >load(filename, 'var1','var2',...)
> should work. But I need to do something like
> >load -force filename var1 var2 ...
> Are there any method can avoid using sprint and eval?

Why do you need to do the second method if the first works? Also the
'-force' option isn't needed in the latest version of Octave for 
reasons of compatibility. Here is my example code that works perfectly

file = 'test.mat';
a = rand(3,3);
if exist('OCTAVE_VERSION')
clear a;
if exist(file, 'file')

Note that octave can't save in matlab ascii format (though it can read
it) and you must use a binary format if you really want to use a matlab
format, to save to...

I suppose that '-mat' should be made a synonym for '-mat-binary' though
to get rid of the two different version of the save command above. If
you are really interested in this, then I attach a patch against the
current octave CVS with this change plus a couple of minor documentation


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