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Re: gcc | Octave 2.1.4x | saga continues

From: Evan Cooch
Subject: Re: gcc | Octave 2.1.4x | saga continues
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 12:13:44 -0500

If you're bored, try google (outright and on the newgroups) for search
terms combining Red Hat and gcc. You'd be amazed ...

Or dismayed. :-)

No, make doesn't, configure does. And it leaves detailed logs behind. Examine


Bogus. Lots of people, JWE included, are rather happy with Debian.

Sigh - another 'my distro is better than your distro' tangent. Who cares - I can probably find examples of things that don't work in Debian as well (or install as easily) as they do in other distros. The biggest problem with the Linux community is distro-zealotry. They're all pretty good, and none of them are perfect.

But, what you do point out is that Octave 'prefers' Debian. Fair enough - but probably better to just say so, rather than imply other distros are better or worse than others.

However, it might be useful to offer a simple guide to pointers/suggestions for other distros. Just a thought...

At any rate, the point of this all is to figure out how to get 2.1.4x running on a RH system (which does constitute a fair proportion of the distro market share). Pointing out that it 'works fine under Debian' is not particularly helpful. Sounds vaguely like Micro$0ft techs telling me that 'upgrading to XP is the solution to everything'. :-)

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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