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Re: Clawpack + Octave?

From: John B. Thoo
Subject: Re: Clawpack + Octave?
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 16:08:21 -0800

Hi. OK, I've downloaded Clawpack to my Mac and it seems to run. Yea! :) When I open Octave to plot an example solution using the m-file plotclaw1.m, however, I get

octave:1> plotclaw1
error: `plotclaw1' undefined near line 1 column 1

Now, in the Clawpack manual, it says that to use Matlab to view results, "download the directory claw/matlab and then set the environment variable

    unix> setenv MATLABPATH ".:\$CLAW/matlab"

before starting Matlab, in order to add this directory to your MATLAB search path. This directory contains the routines plotclaw1.m and...."

I have the directory claw/matlab with the m-file plotclaw1.m, but Octave can't find it. How do I set up Octave to know to look for files in claw/matlab? I'm using bash, if that makes a difference.



On Friday, January 31, 2003, at 08:44 AM, Miquel Cabanas wrote:


On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 08:17:35AM -0800, John B. Thoo wrote:
Hi.  I'm sorry if this may be off topic.  I'm interested in using
Clawpack, a numerical solver for hyperbolic conservation laws.


Clawpack uses Matlab to plot.  Has anyone tried using Clawpack with
Octave instead? Or does anyone have any inkling as to how easy or hard
it may be to make Clawpack work with Octave?  I'm almost a complete
newbie to using Octave (and Matlab).

my feeling from a fast *really fast* look at the code is that
it's quite portable, and that it doesn't use matlab specific stuff
(graphical interfaces and the like). Give it a try and post whatever
problem you face, indeed, the package authors might appreciate
your testing efforts.


Miquel E Cabanas ------------------------------------------------------
SeRMN, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (address@hidden)

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