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Display problem in GNU-Octave on WindowsXP

From: Jeffrey, Jau-Huei Lin
Subject: Display problem in GNU-Octave on WindowsXP
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 13:37:39 -0600

Dear sir,

I tried to install GNU-octave on my windowsXP laptop.  The method I used
was the binary code for windows.  The installation process was smooth
and the program runs OK.  The problem is the display of the characters I
typed.  There is a straight bar after every character I typed.  It looks

If I type :       abcd
It will echo :  a|b|c|d|

I don't believe it's a major bug.  Maybe it's just a setup problem.  I
tried the same binary code on my win2k machine.  Everything is ok.   But
I got this problem on my new machine.

Has anybody reported the similar problem?  Is there any way to fix it?



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