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RE: Display problem in GNU-Octave on WindowsXP

From: Bob Meeks
Subject: RE: Display problem in GNU-Octave on WindowsXP
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 08:01:55 -0700

Just to add a data point, I tried using the same version of Octave I had 
(2.1.36) and simply changing the font to Courier-12 as Jeffrey suggested.  The 
vertical bars went away and everything appeared to work and look perfectly.

>===== Original Message From "\(Jeffrey\) Jau-Huei Lin" 
<address@hidden> =====
>I tried the version 2.1.42 from the website Andy mentioned (my previous
>installation is 2.1.36.)  The version is better but the display problem of
>rxvt, the straight bar, remains.  Tom Weichmann suggested me work on the
>font (Lucida Console-12 may have some problem).  I tried replacing the font
>of the short cut with a few ones.  Some fonts did have good display, for
>example, Courier.
>So, here is my shortcut target,
>"C:\Program Files\GNU Octave\bin\run.exe" rxvt.exe --keysym.0xFF50
>'^a' --keysym.0xFF57 '^e' --keysym.0xFFFF '^f^h' -fn "Courier-12" -tn
>linux -title "GNU Octave 2.1.42" -geometry 80x25 -sl 400 -sr -e
>I replaced 'Lucida Console' with 'Courier'.  Of course you can try other
>If anyone has the display problem as we did, he can try this font
>modification.  I know it's probably not a graceful solution, but if you
>don't care too much about the detail, it works.

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