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Re: can't find the gnuplot window ???

From: Craig Stoudt
Subject: Re: can't find the gnuplot window ???
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 12:52:23 -0600

>> hi,
>> I installed latest octave on Windows XP and gnuplot
371w32 and when
>> I type plot(10); this is what I get
>> ---------------------
>> Can't find the gnuplot windowwarning: broken pipe
>> Can't find the gnuplot windowCan't find the gnuplot
>> Can't find the
>> gnuplot wind
>> owoctave-2.1.35.exe:2>
>> ---------------------
>> I also get 4 gnuplot windows; as many as "can't
find..." messages above.

Apparently, this problem is not isolated to Win XP. 
My system started doing the exact same thing after
installing Win2000 SP2.

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