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can't find the gnuplot window ???

From: Muzaffer Kal
Subject: can't find the gnuplot window ???
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 23:16:37 -0800

I installed latest octave on Windows XP and gnuplot 371w32 and when I type
plot(10); this is what I get
Can't find the gnuplot windowwarning: broken pipe
Can't find the gnuplot windowCan't find the gnuplot windowCan't find the
gnuplot wind
I also get 4 gnuplot windows; as many as "can't find..." messages above.

any idea how I can fix this ? running pgnuplot from the same directory start
gnuplot correctly. I have these lines in my octaverc:

gnuplot_binary = 'c:/gp371w32/pgnuplot.exe'    %name and location of
plotting program
putenv('TMPDIR','c:/cygwin/tmp')                       %where gnuplot
expects to find temporary files
gnuplot_has_multiplot = 1                              %gnuplot 3.7.1
supports multiplots (subplots)

Muzaffer Kal
DSPIA Inc. 408.654.9573
ASIC/FPGA design/verification consulting specializing in DSP algorithm

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