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Re: Debugging .oct file building

From: Thomas Hoffmann
Subject: Re: Debugging .oct file building
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 08:57:08 +0100 (MET)

> | 
> | (If it matters: I tried all this on a HP-UX 10.20 system w/ gcc 2.95.3)
> OK, but what version of Octave? 

Of course, I simply forgot that: Octave 2.0.14

> Why did you think using gcc would be
> the correct thing to do?  What error messages did you see that
> prompted you to not use the C++ compiler?

It was a desperate attempt to get away w/o recompiling gcc on HP-UX:

c++ -shared -fPIC -o oregonator.oct oregonator.o
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: DP relative code in file 
/opt/gcc/lib/gcc-lib/hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20/2.95.2/libstdc++.a(cstrmain.o) - 
shared library must be 
    independent.  Use +z or +Z to recompile.
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

> I think you'll have to provide more information before it is likely
> that anyone would be able to help you.

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
How to fund new projects:
Subscription information:

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