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Re: About the future of Octave

From: Kevin Straight
Subject: Re: About the future of Octave
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 09:02:10 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Luis Alejandro Marquez Martinez wrote:

> Here is my opinion with respect to several issues:
> FAQ.
> ====
> It is extremely important, as it saves time to users and mantainers.
> In this subject I would like to point out that looking for information
> in the archives is rather difficult,  and I don't think anyone will do
> (at least not in  previous's years archives) unless they have the
> exact reference.
> So,  a search engine for this archives would save a lot of questions.

I set one up over a month ago:

It works beautifully, though it would be very nice if jwe wanted to link
to it from, so people could find it (although it already
gets about 50 hits a day).

> Recently, I proposed to jwe the use of Faq-o-matic, which is
> an automated tool for generating faq, which includes a search
> engine.    jwe has expressed his concern of having an automate
> receiving random comments, without a real editor.  To this end,
> this tool can be configurated in several ways, one of them is
> "only some people (the administrators) can post,  everybody
> can read".
Good idea.  But automated or not, someone needs to put together an
faq.  It dosn't seem like it would be that hard to browse through the
mailing list, find the questions that get asked a lot, and do maybe three
hours of cut and paste.... 

> The host.
> =========
> People is talking about moving octave to SourceForge.  I do not
> understand why do not keep,  even if the host
> changes, that's what URL's are for.   Maybe something that I
> missed.

Kevin Straight
University of IdahoŠþstra9456

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