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Re: Philosophy help.

From: David Doolin
Subject: Re: Philosophy help.
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 12:19:17 -0500 (EST)

> | differences early so that I don't go insane. And clearly
> | I still want to be able to run my code under matlab.
> Ah.  That's too bad.  I thought you wanted to get away from the
> MathWorks.

jwe: catch flies with honey, not vinegar.

Upshot to original poster: If octave does what you need, use it.
If not, extend it, pay jwe to extend it, or use matlab.

I use both matlab and octave on either windows or linux,
depending on the project.  But then again I am more interested
in using the tools than making them.  Sometimes, when you just 
need to build something, it makes much more sense to start a 
screw with a hammer rather than waste time chasing down a drill motor,
extension cord and the correct bit.  If you get my drift.
If you don't never mind.

jwe: catch flies with honey, not vinegar... ;)

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