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pipe-gnuplot.c source (and texinfo under 1.1.6-1 success)

From: Derek Schulte
Subject: pipe-gnuplot.c source (and texinfo under 1.1.6-1 success)
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 00:28:05 -0800

I'm looking for the pipe-gnuplot source....After a bit or searching for it
(and following a lot of dead links), I've been unable to find it.

My goal is to recompile it under the 1.1.6-1 version of the cygwin DLL for
use with gnuplot 3.7.1.  My old version of pipe-gnuplot, distributed in
binary form with the 2.0.16 octave releases for circa b19 cygwin, does not
seem to function under the 1.1.6-1 DLL, as expected.

If you have a copy of the source, or _active_ link thereof, please let me
know. (or shoot, a 1.1.6-1 binary...)

For reference (many of you must know this already, but I didn't see any
resolution to the info/cygwin/m$ thread circa 11/22 on this list):
        Octave 2.1.30 compiles fine (albeit slowly) under the cygwin binary
distribution circa 12/1, including v1.1.6-1 of the cygwin DLL, and info
appears to work fine for me, without any special compilation tricks. More
specifically, that would be under Windows NT2K, release 5.00.2195 (Intel).
If it's of use, I can report other details.  If I eat my wheaties, I might
make a binary tarball.

Thanks again for working on this most excellent package!

--Derek Schulte

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