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compile problem

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: compile problem
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 18:37:00 -0600

On  2-Dec-2000, Helgi Tomasson <address@hidden> wrote:

| I have downloaded the newes octave with CVS and have some compilation
| problem.  I think I
| have the necessary software on suse-linux-6.3 (I have also tried on my
| redhat machines)
| g++ --version 2.95.2
| bison --version GNU Bison version 1.28
| Configure seems to run fine but make quickly stops, says
| In file included from dMatrix.h:36,
|                  from CollocWt.h:32,
|                  from
| data-conv.h:41: #error "No 2 byte integer type found!"
| data-conv.h:49: #error "No 4 byte integer type found!"
| make[2]: *** [CollocWt.o] Error 1
| make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/octave/liboctave'
| make[1]: *** [liboctave] Error 2
| does anybody have a hint?

If you looked in data-conv.h, you would find

  #if SIZEOF_SHORT == 2
  #define TWO_BYTE_INT short
  #elif SIZEOF_INT == 2
  #define TWO_BYTE_INT int
  #error "No 2 byte integer type found!"

  #if SIZEOF_INT == 4
  #define FOUR_BYTE_INT int
  #elif SIZEOF_LONG == 4
  #define FOUR_BYTE_INT long
  #error "No 4 byte integer type found!"

It looks like you are using gcc on an Intel (compatible) system.  If
so, then I would expect SIZEOF_SHORT == 2 and SIZEOF_INT == 4.  The
configure script checks for this are done using standard autoconf

  ### How big are ints and how are they oriented?  These could probably
  ### be eliminated in favor of run-time checks.

  AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(short, 2)
  AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(long, 4)
  AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(long long, 8)

So, why doesn't the configure script work correctly for you?


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