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Re: pipe-gnuplot.c source (and texinfo under 1.1.6-1 success)

From: Tom Weichmann
Subject: Re: pipe-gnuplot.c source (and texinfo under 1.1.6-1 success)
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 11:41:57 +0000

On Sunday 03 December 2000  8:28 am, Derek Schulte wrote:
> I'm looking for the pipe-gnuplot source....After a bit or searching for it
> (and following a lot of dead links), I've been unable to find it.
> My goal is to recompile it under the 1.1.6-1 version of the cygwin DLL for
> use with gnuplot 3.7.1.  My old version of pipe-gnuplot, distributed in
> binary form with the 2.0.16 octave releases for circa b19 cygwin, does not
> seem to function under the 1.1.6-1 DLL, as expected.
> If you have a copy of the source, or _active_ link thereof, please let me
> know. (or shoot, a 1.1.6-1 binary...)
> For reference (many of you must know this already, but I didn't see any
> resolution to the info/cygwin/m$ thread circa 11/22 on this list):
>       Octave 2.1.30 compiles fine (albeit slowly) under the cygwin binary
> distribution circa 12/1, including v1.1.6-1 of the cygwin DLL, and info
> appears to work fine for me, without any special compilation tricks. More
> specifically, that would be under Windows NT2K, release 5.00.2195 (Intel).
> If it's of use, I can report other details.  If I eat my wheaties, I might
> make a binary tarball.
> Thanks again for working on this most excellent package!
> --Derek Schulte
>   address@hidden


I put a copy up on my website.  Look under the sources section of the page.  
Hope it helps!Šþtom/index.html

Tom Weichmann

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