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From: Dr. Ing. Dieter Jurzitza
Subject: RE:
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 21:07:07 +0100 (CET)

Hi Bruce,
thanks for the nice words. You should have seen the hint from Carlos Puig; I´ll
test it and hopefully this will solve what went wrong. If this is the case
(don´t take me wrong Carlos, I do not doubt your words, I only want a second
test on a second platform to be sure not to yell without verification!) maybe
Tom Weichman could upgrade his cygwin box and kindly recompile his
distribution. I´ll be back with my result to the list ASAP.
Unfortunately I do not know how to create an installable tarball
from the compile; so I cannot support what Tom Weichman supported. Nevertheless
I think that we should give a hint to the cygwin maintainers (anyone in the
mailing list of them?) with regard to this problem!
Take care,


On 15-Nov-00 Bruce Ravel wrote:
> Dieter,
> Wow!  You win the award for obscure bug report.  And you win the

E-Mail: Dr. Ing. Dieter Jurzitza <address@hidden>
Date: 15-Nov-00
Time: 20:58:55                 |
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