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Extensions documentation

From: Pascal Fleury
Subject: Extensions documentation
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 16:57:20 +0900


I am using Octave to ease development, but I need to write some glue
code to link it to the system I have.
I tried to find some documentation about how to access parameters (input
and output of functions), as well as
some information of how many functions I can put into a single *.oct
file, how they are "registered" to Octave
or the way Octave finds them. I will also need to read HUGE amounts of
data, but piece-wise. So am I sure that Octave
will not unload my dyn-lib (.oct file), and let me loose the information
I need to keep between calls, like a file descriptor for example ?

Does such a documentation exist ? Or shall I continue to dig in the
examples, hoping to figure out the answers
to my questions... Anyway, I think that beside academic work, we all
have to link this to some existing systems routines. The interface is
very well done, but lacks a little bit of description for more involved

Thanks you for any help!

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