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Help: newbie trying to svd

From: Philip Rennert
Subject: Help: newbie trying to svd
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 16:09:53 -0400

I'm a total octave newbie.  I want to svd a large matrix, and I don't
want to type it all in.
The doc says I can write a script file which will be treated like a
sequence of typed commands, but I haven't gotten this to work:  any
I did get it to read a file by wrapping a no-argument function around my
commands (yes, a kludge), and it did svd a 3x3 matrix, but when I try
the big one, it says:
sh: less: command not found.  Huh?
I tried:
and got an answer, but not for a big matrix, and also not when I tried
so it's like it's not reading variables

How do you write your script files, and is this how it throws up for a
too-large matrix?
Please respond also by email to address@hidden  TIA.

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