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Considerations (again)

From: Emanuele Olivetti
Subject: Considerations (again)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 17:23:19 +0100 (MET)

According to Stephen Eglen, who said that the real problem is
to "find" m-files in mail archives, I suggest to work out a
clear category tree to browse. In Mathworks repository they have:
* Approximation/interpolation
  Control systems
* Differential equations
  Emacs add ons
* Financial tools
  Geographical tools
* Plotting/Graphics
* Image processing
* Numerical Integration
* Linear Algebra
* Special functions/Mathematical techniques
* Anything not otherwise categorized
  Models of systems
* Neural networks
  Functions related to physics
* Signal processing
  Simulink (May it's too early?)
  Sound-related tools
* Statistics
  Symbolic math
  System identification
  Instructional routines and demos
  Various tools

Mixing this with Octave /m/ directory can be a starting point.
Those with '*' can be fullfiled right now by Octave files.
I don't know if all the m-files in Mathworks site can be used directly
by Octave; maybe most of non-graphical ones can be. It can be useful
to contact authors of matlab m-files and ask them to test (and,if there
is some problem, to convert) on Octave. Immediatly we can have a
big m-files-database to take from. 
IMPORTANT: m-files are very short files, nearly 2 Kb each one. So
500 m-files (a BIG database) is less than 1Mb. I think it's not a
problem to put them on the web.

Suggestions are welcome.
Best Regards


P.S.: Many thanks to Stephen Eglen for solving my troubles with
this e-mail 

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