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From: Emanuele Olivetti
Subject: Considerations
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 19:49:20 +0100 (MET)

I'd like to promote a way to make Octave grow, using all the codes 
produced by Octave users. I make my own routine and some of
them are good, so why not share it with every body? I can
post my little work, but it is difficult to search it in
future browsing Octave archives. In Mathworks site they
have 'The Mathworks Download', a repository for m-files
made by users, that offer their free contribution to a
COMMERCIAL firm. I think that Octave can do the same
excluding all commercial aspects, in a simple way making
a browsable tree by category (and serchable index) of
all routines made bye users like me. Then we can add a
way to cast votes (to obtain better quality) and try to make
free toolboxes if people want to co-operate in the same field,
maybe opening sub-mailing-list, etc.

I made this consideration because I was looking for a clustering
routine on Mathworks site, and searching among m-file they show me
a lot of advertising of their tollboxes and (at the end) free files.

Thanks in advance for every suggestion.


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