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Re: Simulink clone---

From: José Daniel Muñoz Frías
Subject: Re: Simulink clone---
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 11:47:17 +0100

Ed Gatzke wrote:
> Hello all-
> I was searching for a simulink replacement, and saw some postings that stated 
> gnans is a 
> potential simulink like environment, but there is not a current link to 
> octave.

Gnans is a useful tool to simulate complex sistems. I actually use it to
simulate an induction motor with a non linear controler + flux estimator
+ Rotor resistance estimator. The "problem" with it is that it does not
have a graphical interface to introduce the model, but a language to
describe your model (similar to C). This model is compiled to a loadable
module that is attached to the integration routines in the simulation,
resulting in a very fast simulation time. Another advantage is that you
can easily introduce C code into the model, resulting in a very flexible
environment. In my case I describe the motor in Gnans language and the
controllers are written in C. These controllers are the same that I use
to control the motor in real time using RT-Linux.

If you need more info drop my a line.

José Daniel Muñoz Frías                         
Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI      
Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015 Madrid Spain
Tel. 34-91-5422800 Fax 34-91-5596569

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