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Simulink clone---

From: Ed Gatzke
Subject: Simulink clone---
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 1999 23:27:01 -0500

Hello all-

I was searching for a simulink replacement, and saw some postings that stated 
gnans is a

potential simulink like environment, but there is not a current link to octave.

>From playing with Gnans, it seems far inferior to Simulink.  Maybe I just 
>didn't really
know what I was doing...

I wonder how hard it would be to write a Java front end to octave for solving 
ODEs?  I
have not used the octave ODE solver, but it may be interesting.  The Simulink 
.mdl files

have tons of info, but simple cases may not be too difficult to implement for a
quick feasibility test...

I have to finish up my thesis before I can spend too much time playing around 
with this.

Any help or info would be appreciated.


Ed Gatzke
Ed Gatzke         
Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
address@hidden   (302) 831-0726, fax 831-1048

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