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Re: Using MATLAB .m-files with Octave

From: Douglas Sturim
Subject: Re: Using MATLAB .m-files with Octave
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 10:42:46 -0400

I did not know that Parks, McClellan, Butterworth, Chebyshev and others
(some dead) started working for The Mathworks.  I hope the are getting
good salaries!

A+A Adler wrote:

> Just my two cents here:
> Unfortunately, trying to duplicate Matlab M-file functionality
> runs you into the typical reverse-engineering problem.
> For example, I've re-implemented several of the image processing
> toolbox functions (and will contribute them to octave as soon
> as a get around to talking my work into letting me release them -
> since I wrote them at work)
> To implement the general functionality isn't hard - for example
> you can write a sobel edge filter after reading any decent textbook.
> However, if you want full compatibility with Matlab then there
> is no other way than by looking in the M file to see what
> threshold values they use.
> There is no way to do "clean room" reverse engineering in
> this case.
> Unfortunately, as I understand it, the law is on this subject
> extremely complicated and varies among jurisdictions as to the
> legality of this.

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