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Re: FW: Scalars and Matrices:

From: John Day
Subject: Re: FW: Scalars and Matrices:
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 07:13:04 -0400

If (classic) MATLAB had scalars the answer would be "ans = 1", but
it has no concept of an entity with less than two dimensions. But it
reallly makes no difference because what I am calling a "scalar" is
isomorphic with 1x1 (and 1x1x1, 1x1x.......x1 etc). That was the whole
point of my posting. (In linear algebra, a matrices can be viewed formally
as vectors, which are additive groups over a "scalar" fields. Those scalars
can be any algebraic set with '+' and '*' operators with inverse defined
for both etc. :-) 


At 01:21 PM 10/13/99 +0400, Mikhail Zotov wrote:
>> ยป size(m)
>> ans =
>>      1     1
>> -jday
>But what kind of answer would you expect if MATLAB has scalars
>(in _your_ treatment)?

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