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gnuplot woes...

From: Adam Balgach
Subject: gnuplot woes...
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 16:26:04 -0500

Hello all,
   Im curretnly running winNT and trying to get Octave 1.0.13 to plot using
good old gnuplot  for win32 (wgnuplot.exe) so here is what i did.  i
recomplied pipe-gnuplot.exe, and put wgnuplot.exe and all of its associated
files in  "c:\gnuplot" and now in Octave when i try this:


i get all sorts of errors...
error:  couldn't open temporary output file '/tmp/oct-10055fa9.0'
error:  evaluating index expression near line 57, column 3
error:  called from '__plt2vv__' in file
error:  called from '__plt2__' in file
error:  called from '__plt2__' in file
error:  called from 'plot' in file

im guessing that all the errors are occuring because octave wasnt able to
open that temp file.  so what should i do ? "c:\tmp" is in my winNT path,
should i add it to the path of sh ? please help, i need to get plotting
working by sunday. thanks

adam balgach

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